On 22-09-2022, the representative of NVHBP has participated in the Workshop: “Experience in Universities strategic collaboration development: Practical lessons from the Netherlands” organized  by Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) in collaboration with the Netherland partners (Wageningen University & Research, HAS University of Applied Sciences, Lentiz Education Group, Fresh Studio and Agriterra, financed by Nuffic of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the framework of the Project “Ẹnhancing performance of the horticultural sector in North and Central Vietnam” (OKP),

The goals of workshop are: Sharing experiences to improve the efficiency of training, researching, technology transferring through strategic collaboration with Wageningen University & Research (WUR), HAS, Lentiz, Fresh Studio, Agriterra, Government Organizations, NGOs, enterprises in Vietnam.

In the morning, there are some presentations:

Presentation 1 “Challenges Horticulture Sector”

  • Production challenges: technical & business knowledge & skills of producer organizations
  • Market challenges: market positioning & market requirements in the value chain
  • Environmental challenges: risks & mitigation

Presentation 2 “Orange Knowledge Project & Horticulture Innovation Centre

  • Objectives of the  Orange Knowledge Project.
  • Objectives of the Horticulture Innovation Centre at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture.
  • Partnerships projects with Education & Business, related to challenges in the horticulture sector.

Presentation 3 “The experiences in partnership projects with Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Agriterra and Vietnamese Cooperatives in the horticulture sector.”

And participants took a tour to Horticulture Innovation Centre.

In the afternoon there were Case studies Education & Business partnerships:

  • Planning & next steps
  • Formulation of concrete partnership projects in the horticulture sector, related to production, market & environmental challenges.
  • Formulation of key objectives, time planning and responsibilities

By Wageningen University: Project Manager and  HAS University Project Expert.