Vietnam Agriculture Digital Transformation International Forum 2021

Ha Noi, September 16th, NVHBP participated in the Virtual Conference of Vietnam Agriculture Digital Transformation International Forum 2021: Keeping up with market trends, ensuring the pivotal role of the economy during and after Covid-19 pandemic. A conference with speakers from all over the world including the Netherlands talking about the digital transformation in agriculture. Mr. Frans Lips, Senior Policy Officer of Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, was the speaker on behalf of the Netherlands. ‘’The Netherlands, a small country, but still one of the leaders in the agricultural sector. We need to create a sustainable way of producing our food for future generations. Circular agriculture will play a role in this as well as key  digital technologies such as big data, machine learning, autonomous growing. This all comes tother in precision farming. Important to note is that digital technology cannot fully replace, knowledge and experience will be an important element.’’