Thien Dieu Flora, Sapa Hitech and KP Holland joined to bring Dutch Kalanchoe flowers to Vietnamese consumers

On June 7, 2021, the first batch of KP Holland’s Dutch Kalanchoe unrooted cuttings has arrived to Vietnam, and immediately brought to Sapa mountainous farm for cultivation. This is to ensure of the freshness of the delicate KP Holland’s product, and marks a good start for the cooperation among NVHBP’s members.

“Kalanchoe or Sống đời – Tree of Life is one of the ornamental plants with a beautiful shape, easy to grow and care for, so many people love to grow it indoors, both helping to beautify the space and have a positive meaning for Life.

Photo: Don Justino, Don Angelo, ­ Kalanchoe – KP Holland

The Kalanchoe has large and succulent leaves that rarely fall, so it is very suitable as an ornamental plant to put on the desk or in the house. Flowers of Life are beautiful and have many vibrant colors that will help your room become brighter and more harmonious.”

This is one in a serie of cooperation initiatives between Vietnamese horticulture companies with their respective Dutch partners under the operation of the Netherlands Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP), in order to promote the quality of domestic plant varieties, improve the competitiveness of companies in Vietnam, and expand the market for Dutch partners.