On Saturday, March 19, 2022, the Association of Food Transparency – AFT ( and the Netherlands Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform – NVHBP (  have co-organized a Talk Show on European Vegetable Fruits Market, Smart Agriculture Solutions and opportunities for Vietnamese Agricultural Products.

At the Talkshow, Ms. Mai Hong, Vietnam Coordinator of NVHBP shared some basic information on the demand for processed vegetables and fruits in Europe, namely:

  1. What makes Europe an interesting market for processed fruit and vegetables?
  2. Which European markets offer most opportunities for processed fruit and vegetables?
  3. Which products from developing countries have the most potential in the European processed fruit and vegetables market?

And current outstanding consumers’ trends, such as:

  1. Product sustainability
  2. Sustainable packaging
  3. Health benefits of food and drink
  4. Vegetable alternatives to animal products in high demand
  5. New processing technology and digitization
  6. Product information needs to be more complete, transparent and detailed
  7. Organic products
  8. Natural and free-from products gain market share
  9. New sourcing origins and vertical integration are coming up

Other members of NVHBP, Mr. Nguyen Tuong Hung, Director of Pho Hien Machinery Company ( presented about automatic warehouse technology (iCube warehouse, a product of Logiqs) and agricultural machines for livestock farming, big open fields cultivating, such as tractors, excavators, bulldozers, rollers, wheel loaders, forklifts, plows, furrowers, seeding machines and other agricultural implements, harvesters, sprayers, silage, TMR feed mixers… Mr. Nguyen Khac Minh Tri, Director of MimosaTEK Company ( provided useful information about smart agricultural solutions: challenges facing the agricultural industry and application of high technology, IoT into agriculture today, Overview of 4.0 agriculture.

There was a number of management organizations, agricultural enterprises and many individuals operating in the field of production and distribution of agricultural products and food, from many provinces, inside and outside Vietnam participated to the Talkshow. The parties actively exchanged information and shared experiences, making  great success for the Conference.