Cooperation Hachi & Phuc Thanh Real Estate Group

Hachi cooperates to develop a complex farm area with Phuc Thanh Real Estate Group in Hung Yen, a Real Estate unit with a series of adjacent projects, apartments, and famous commercial centers in Hung Yen. Both are members of NVHBP.

Following the success of Tan Hoang Minh Group, Hachi continues to receive the trust of Phuc Thanh Real Estate Group to experimentally implement the model of high-tech hydroponic farm.

The project goal is to provide a source of clean food in Hung Yen province, as well as a restaurant chain of Phuc Thanh Group. The project is implemented on a land fund of more than 20 hectares, including:

  • Enhance the net greenhouse to grow leafy vegetables on hydroponic technology.
  • Clean vegetable greenhouse.
  • Fruit and vegetable housing area on Israeli drip irrigation technology includes fruits and vegetables such as Japanese cucumbers, under Dutch nets, and cherry tomatoes.

Please have a look at the images during the project implementation