Launching the Center for Agricultural Innovation (Agrinnovation)

On Friday, 20-11-2020, the Center for Agricultural Innovation (Agrinnovation) has been launched under Decision No. 830 / QD-HVN of the Director of the Vietnam National University of Agriculture, aiming to effectively exploit science and technology resources through developing new – high-value-interdisciplinary-technology research directions – integrating with 4.0 technology and co-creating with businesses to create new values social service.

Agrinnovation is a place for research teams and experts to carry out specific international research and cooperation activities, to contribute scientifically and to policy advice on issues related to sustainable development, research, and development. Research strategy and build an organizational network.

Activites are included:

  • Building creative space
  • Promote agriculture technology transfer and trade
  • Developing multi-sectorative research developments, bringing strategies.

For further details of the Centre, kindly visit: