After the last visit of  the Board of The Netherlands Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) and its members to Vietnam in August 2022, the parties have agreed to extent the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Department of Crop Production, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (DCP) and NVHBP in 2019 for another 3 years.

According to that, the Parties will continue to develop the collaboration between Dutch and Vietnamese commercial parties for generating and developing horticulture projects and making use of each other’s knowledge and expertise in the field of knowledge development and transfer.

The Parties aim to:

  • produce safe and healthy food by applying smart farming, such as pest and disease management and high cultivation techniques to protect the soil and groundwater conditions or restore and rehabilitate soil and water resources for agricultural use;
  • to shorten the food supply chain in order to secure ultra-fresh, safe produce for consumers and minimizing waste;
  • to increase the revenue and profit margins for farmers by minimizing waste and losses fresh produce after harvesting.

The Parties shall organize workshops and conferences to discuss the implementation of the principles and methods of sustainable farming, renewable energy, circular economy, food safety and corporate social responsibility.

Parties shall within the framework of the principles initiate and implement pilot projects and join efforts for raising funds for these projects.