To celebrate Christmas 2023 and welcome New Year 2024, Thien Dieu Company (www.thiendieu.vn), a member of the Netherlands Vietnam Horti Business Platform (www.nvhortiplatform.com), a professional importer of flower seeds and seedlings from the Netherlands to Vietnam, the co-organizer of 2018 Tulip Festival at Ecopark, has organized an event named HANOI, FLOWER LAND 2023, helping to promote Vietnamese flower growers and contribute to the people of Hanoi and the surrounding areas a beautiful and meaningful entertainment spot. 

The program is having the cooperation of Thong Nhat Park Co., Ltd., Sa Dec Flower Club, Dalat Flower Association; and artisans, gardeners, and businesses operating in the field of ornamental flowers and plants. 

At Thong Nhat Island, the space of Vietnamese flower regions was recreated, from Tan Quy Dong flower village, Sa Dec to Hydrangea garden, Da Lat and Dutch Lily flower forest.  

On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the day Hanoi people started construction of Thong Nhat Park (1958-2023), the Organizing Committee respectfully introduces some emotional traditional images of the Park. 

Moving to Coconut Island, you will enter to another sweet and romantic space, with the Fairy Garden. Connecting the two islands is a service area, with a feeling of European weekend market. During the Festival, open street art and entertainment programs will take place, welcoming public participation.  

We hope to bring the flower-lovers interesting and impressive relaxing times at the Capital’s largest park, during this meaningful transition between two years.