In order to implement the diplomatic plan to support the economy, on November 25, 2021, the Vietnamese Embassy in the Netherlands coordinated with the People’s Committee of Gia Lai province to organize a webinar “Connecting business with Gia Lai: taking advantage of EVFTA and preparing for EVIPA”.

The workshop aims to introduce the strengths and capabilities of enterprises in the province and call for Dutch partners to invest and connect with Gia Lai. The seminar was held at two main locations, the Vietnamese Embassy in the Netherlands and the People’s Committee of Gia Lai province, which attracted more than 100 participants including trade promotion organizations, farming organizations, and other organizations. consultants, NGOs, Dutch enterprises, and Gia Lai’s organizations, enterprises, cooperatives and many reporters attended.

Gia Lai is the second largest province of Vietnam with a lot of potential in agriculture, human resources and many successful businesses. Gia Lai needs to call for more participation of foreign investors to take advantage of capital, technology and experience in organizing modern production. Meanwhile, the strengths of the Netherlands are very suitable for Gia Lai to absorb and learn. With an area and population equal to that of the Cuu Long River Delta and only 2% of the labor force engaged in agriculture, the Netherlands managed to exports agricultural products, ranking second in the world (after the US), thanks to the application of high-precision technology, resource optimization and environmental sustainability.

In the opening speech, Ambassador Pham Viet Anh emphasized: Development is one of the great tasks of Vietnam’s diplomatic service. Today’s event connecting businesses between Gia Lai and the Netherlands is an activity to serve the development of Vietnam in general and Gia Lai in particular. The Ambassador believed that there would be a lot of potential for cooperation between Gia Lai and Dutch investors, bringing prosperity and environmentally sustainable production models to the province. The prospect of cooperation will be even more favorable thanks to the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) taking effect from August 2020, removing many tax barriers, and the EU Investment Protection Agreement. -Vietnam (EVIPA) is in the process of completing procedures, which will open up more sustainable opportunities for both sides.

Mr. Ho Phuoc Thanh, Vice Chairman of Gia Lai Provincial People’s Committee gave a speech highlighting the potentials and strengths of Gia Lai, sharing incentives and calling on Dutch investors to participate in 5 main areas: i) Forming hi-tech agricultural zones; (ii) Producing and processing high quality flowers, vegetables and fruits; (iii) Production and processing of specialty agricultural products of Gia Lai province; (iv) High-tech animal husbandry; (v) Planting medicinal herbs under the forest canopy. Typical enterprises such as Vinh Hiep, Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Doveco, Truong Sinh, and VOS presented their achievements and invited business connections.

On the Dutch side, partners such as PUM Professionals Association, Agriterra Cooperative Alliance, Dutch Business Association in Vietnam, Netherlands Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform, Vietnam Dutch Chamber of Commerce , De Heus company, Nedspices company participated in speaking and answering questions. Dutch partners highly appreciate the potentials and strengths of Gia Lai as well as typical enterprises of the province. Many partners wish to visit and work in Gia Lai when international flights are reopened and asked for information on some large enterprises of the province. With this workshop, the two sides have had a good start to open up more cooperation opportunities.