Eurofins Agro testing and MimosaTek – A good example of true collaboration

NVHBP stimulates the introduction of high tech analyses for the horticultural sector in Vietnam

Eurofins Agro in Wageningen, the Netherlands, is the world leading laboratory in horticultural analyses. Over 90 years of experience in horticulture has resulted in a complete portfolio of innovative analyses and reliable crop advice. Eurofins Agro offers a complete package of analyses to optimise your production.

Already for a number of years, some Vietnamese growers send their soil and water samples to Eurofins Agro. Main reason: reliable results and crop specific target values and recommendations for fertilization. Since Vietnamese horticulture is developing very quickly, Eurofins Agro started looking for a local partner to make its service known and easier to access to other growers as well. Since the end of 2019, MimosaTek operates as the exclusive, local partner for Eurofins Agro.

MimosaTEK was founded in 2014 with the goal of enhancing traditional farming experience on the basis of 4.0 technology, MimosaTek wants to create more sustainable farming models where farmers can use fewer resources but get more output on the same cultivation area. This goals fits very well with Eurofins Agro’s philosophy. The team of young people with a lot of enthusiasm, passion and responsibility brings the analytical services into every farm and field of the farmers ultimately.

The model is simple: MimosaTek is the single point of contact for Vietnamese growers. They take and collect samples and prepare them for transportation. Eurofins Agro analyses the samples within 24 hours after arrival of the samples in the lab. Results and, if appropriate, target values and recommendations are send to MimosaTek. The team of MimosaTek translates the reports for the Vietnamese growers and provides explanations and advice if necessary. Below picture explains how it works.

In order to confirm its interest and motivation to invest in Vietnamese horticulture, Eurofins Agro decided to join the Netherlands Vietnamese Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) as a Gold member. This directly leads to an extra advantage for the members of the platform. They can order a soil sample analysis (including target values and fertilization recommendation) from Eurofins Agro for free. Ms Mai Hong, horticulture vegetable grower and coordinator of NVHP in Vietnam, was the first to take advantage from this offer.

Experience of Thien Dieu & Sapa Hitech – 2 Vietnamese members of NVHBP

Sapa Hightech has been cultivating Lily flowers in Sapa area for about 5 years. The farm is almost 400 km from Hanoi City, 6-7 hours of driving, with 1.500m above sea level, good climate for flowers during summer time, but the soil is not really rich. Since 2019 Sapa Hightech started the collaboration with Thien Dieu and became a member of NVHBP. They made use of the support by Eurofins and MimosaTEK.

2 samples were sent: yellow and black soil. Thanks to the analysis and advices from Eurofins/MimosaTEK, Sapa and Thien Dieu could understand well the structure and nutrition of current soil, to adjust the fertilizers to be more effective and grow more varieties at the same farm. It is quite important as Lily is getting less popular recently.

Below you will find an example (anonymous) of the report of a soil analysis, including targets and recommendation.

All other members of NVHP and horticulture growers in Vietnam are invited to make use of the services of MimosaTek and high tech analyses of Eurofins Agro.


Vietnamese member meeting – July 2020

In the afternoon of Wednesday, 22nd July 2020, the members in the North Vietnam of the Netherlands Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) had a meeting at Nam Cau Kien Ecological Industrial Zone, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong Province.

From organizer there are:

  • Pham Hong Diep
  • Pham Anh Minh
  • Mai Quoc Hung
  • And other staff of Nam Cau Kien Industrial Zone.

Participating are the representatives of NVHBP’s supporting partners and members:

  • Dang Van Dong, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien, Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute (FAVRI);
  • Mai Hong – Vietnam Coordinator, Mr. Vo Hai Phuong, Thien Dieu Trading & Processing Joint Stock Company;
  • Dang Xuan Truong, Ms. Hoang Yen Mai, Hachi Jsc.
  • Nguyen Tuong Hung, Pho Hien Machinery.
  • Bui Thu Trang, Behn Meyer Vietnam.
  • Do Van Vang, Phu Sa Song Hong Thai Binh.

Parties were presented the Project of building the Centre of Excellence at Nam Cau Kien, invested by Shinec, consulted by Kenlog B.V., which is under the stage of making Feasibility Study now.

The Centre will be the place for demonstration and commercializing products, services and organizing tours, events related to High-tech Horticulture of Holland in Hai Phong. After the site visit, the participants have given many valuable comments to the Projects.

On behalf of NVHBP, we would like to send the sincere thanks to Shinec for organizing the meeting and to partners, members for sharing precious times with us. This is a good chance for members to meet up, to know more about each other and to explore more business cooperation during the difficult period for the economy of the year 2020.

Wishing all the Members and Partners of NVHBP be healthy, be happy and lots of successes !


NVCC event: meeting the Ambassador, The Hague

NVHBP was present at NVCC’s event ‘Meeting the Ambassador’ on Thursday 19 December.