Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park: Responding to “Planting a billion trees for a green Vietnam”

(SK&MT) – Responding to the Prime Minister’s message of planting 1 billion trees and the Resolution of Hai Phong City in socio-economic development, Nam Cau Kien Ecological Industrial Park aims to plant 1 million trees in the industrial park campus, to The space here becomes a botanical garden with sustainable, environmentally friendly value, contributing to the green color of the country.

60 years ago, President Ho Chi Minh launched the first tree planting New Year. Since then, every New Year to Spring comes, tree planting activities have continued to take place in all parts of the country.

In the period of 2021-2025, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc launched a program to plant 1 billion trees. According to the Prime Minister, green also means prosperity, the color of fertility and sustainability, and officially transmits the message “For a green Vietnam” to all the people of the country.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc delivers a speech at the launching ceremony “An everlasting tree Tet holiday in gratitude to Uncle Ho” in the spring of 2021 in Phu Yen.

Responding to that call, on the basis of the coordinated consensus of: Hai Phong Youth Union, Vietnam Association of Industry and Trade, Hai Phong Young Entrepreneurs Association, Party Committee of Thuy Nguyen Enterprises, Business Association Thuy Nguyen, HPM Entrepreneur Training Institute, Nam Cau Kien Ecological Industrial Park, officially launched the tree planting movement in response to the program “Planting a billion trees for a green Vietnam” to businesses, organizations, individuals who are partner customers of Nam Cau Kien Ecological Industrial Park in the coming March.

The program is expected to last from March 2021 until reaching the target of 1 million trees, tree planting activities will be carried out throughout Nam Cau Kien Ecological Industrial Park, from factories to the park, trees, landscape here..

A map of Green trees on Nam Cau Kien Ecological Industrial Park..

The program started with tree planting activities along the strip of Botanical Park. This place is an important landscape project, considered as the green heart of the eco-industrial park to honor businesses that contribute to their greenery and make a mark on the unique path of honor.

Green tree ecosystem in Southern Cau Kien.

The path of honor is a 1km-long work made entirely of baked bricks of the Vietnam Pottery Group, with a record-breaking technology line in Vietnam. Here, logos of businesses participating in tree planting will be delicately engraved on a prominent bronze gold brick background, showing the convergence of the quintessence and values of the business gathered on this road. Since then, it marked and spread the reputation of the corporate brand widely.

Chúc mừng năm mới

Inauguration ceremony of greenhouse model for Dutch agricultural technology in Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park.

On Friday, January 22, 2021, Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park held the program “Inauguration ceremony of the greenhouse model applying Dutch agricultural technology in Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park”.

High-tech agriculture is agriculture that appropriately applies new and advanced technologies to production in order to improve efficiency, creating a breakthrough in productivity and quality of agricultural products, to satisfy increasingly high demand of society and ensure sustainable agricultural development.

Development of high-tech agriculture, scientific and technological innovation is considered one of the key and central solutions. Applying science and technology to solve challenges in agricultural development with the advantages of technologies such as: biotechnology, greenhouse technology, drip irrigation technology, sensor technology, automation. Internet of Things (IoT) helps agricultural production save costs, increase productivity, improve the quality of agricultural products and protect the environment. On the other hand, high-tech agriculture helps farmers to be proactive in production, overcoming seasonality, reducing dependence on weather and climate and meeting market demand for quality agricultural products.

The Netherlands – Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) is a cooperative organization between businesses, Research Institutes, Government Organizations of the Netherlands and Vietnam in the field of crop production. The association is the combination of knowledge, technology and experience of the entire farming value chain in Vietnam and the Netherlands. Collaboration is core where members work together to build long-term relationships through sharing expertise and resources to contribute to Vietnam’s growing market and by promoting and sharing sharing and commercialization of Dutch cultivation technologies.

Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park has actively coordinated and worked for a long time with the Netherlands – Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) to apply high-tech agricultural production techniques at Nam Cau Kien, promoting and replicating the model in Hai Phong, bringing many practical benefits to the country’s agriculture. Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park will take a firm step in promoting the advantages of natural conditions and local potentials to link the northern key economic region, the Red River Delta region, the Northern Coast region and national integration to form a chain of links from production, processing to product consumption; promote the building of trademarks and brands to improve the value of goods and income for people. At the same time, to emphasize importance to researching and applying advanced technologies, high technologies and modern information technology to improve added value, productivity, quality and product competitiveness in the domestic market and export.

We were very honored to welcome Mr. Willem Schoustra, Counsellor of Dutch Agriculture and Ms. Nguyen Huong Lan, Senior Officer, Agriculture Division, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam Nam came at the inauguration ceremony; to exchange about the cooperation between Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park and NVHBP in particular, and between the agriculture of Vietnam and the Netherlands in general. Mr. Schoustra believes that, with the advantages of climate, land, logistics, Hai Phong will further develop in building a high-tech agricultural economic chain system the coming period.

Participants in the inauguration ceremony:

  • Pham Hong Diep – Chairman and General Director of Nam Cau Kien Ecological Industrial Park (NCK).
  • Willem Schoustra, Counselor for Agriculture of the Netherlands and Ms. Nguyen Huong Lan, Senior Officer, Agriculture Division, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam.
  • Mai Thi Hong – Vietnam Coordinator – Netherlands – Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) – Vietnam, Director of Thien Dieu Trading and Production Joint Stock Company, specializes in importing and producing varieties flowers of Dutch origin.

Representating members of NVHBP include:

  • Friso Klok – Chain Director and Mr. Ta The Hung – Northern Representative – Rijk Zwaan Vietnam Company – hold the leading position in the Dutch leaf and vegetable varieties.
  • Nguyen Phuong – Business Development Director, MimosaTEK Company, is the Vietnamese representative of Eurofin Agro, a Dutch company specializing in providing soil composition testing packages and crop nutrition consultation.
  • Bui Thu Trang – Sales Manager – Behn Meyer Vietnam Company, Bac Ninh Branch, introduced the cleaning product BM Clean and Eco shield which is organic silicon to increase the resistance of plants. Behn Meyer is a German company, established in 1840, a member of NVHBP.

Representatives of agencies and businesses in Hai Phong:

  • Farmers’ associations of communes
  • Manager of cooperatives of 4 communes around the Industrial Park:
  • Pham Quang Thanh Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Division of Thuy Nguyen District
  • Bui Van Hau, Chairman of Farmers Association of TN district
  • Nguyen Manh Chien The Head of Agricultural Extension Station of Thuy Nguyen District – Head of Agriculture Division of Thuy Nguyen District
  • The company produces and supplies agricultural film houses in Hai Phong
  • Press and media agencies:
  • Department of Agriculture, Vietnam Television, VTV2
  • Specialist Committee, Hai Phong Television Station, THP

Some photos from the ceremony:

Eurofins Agro testing and MimosaTek – A good example of true collaboration

NVHBP stimulates the introduction of high tech analyses for the horticultural sector in Vietnam

Eurofins Agro in Wageningen, the Netherlands, is the world leading laboratory in horticultural analyses. Over 90 years of experience in horticulture has resulted in a complete portfolio of innovative analyses and reliable crop advice. Eurofins Agro offers a complete package of analyses to optimise your production.

Already for a number of years, some Vietnamese growers send their soil and water samples to Eurofins Agro. Main reason: reliable results and crop specific target values and recommendations for fertilization. Since Vietnamese horticulture is developing very quickly, Eurofins Agro started looking for a local partner to make its service known and easier to access to other growers as well. Since the end of 2019, MimosaTek operates as the exclusive, local partner for Eurofins Agro.

MimosaTEK was founded in 2014 with the goal of enhancing traditional farming experience on the basis of 4.0 technology, MimosaTek wants to create more sustainable farming models where farmers can use fewer resources but get more output on the same cultivation area. This goals fits very well with Eurofins Agro’s philosophy. The team of young people with a lot of enthusiasm, passion and responsibility brings the analytical services into every farm and field of the farmers ultimately.

The model is simple: MimosaTek is the single point of contact for Vietnamese growers. They take and collect samples and prepare them for transportation. Eurofins Agro analyses the samples within 24 hours after arrival of the samples in the lab. Results and, if appropriate, target values and recommendations are send to MimosaTek. The team of MimosaTek translates the reports for the Vietnamese growers and provides explanations and advice if necessary. Below picture explains how it works.

In order to confirm its interest and motivation to invest in Vietnamese horticulture, Eurofins Agro decided to join the Netherlands Vietnamese Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) as a Gold member. This directly leads to an extra advantage for the members of the platform. They can order a soil sample analysis (including target values and fertilization recommendation) from Eurofins Agro for free. Ms Mai Hong, horticulture vegetable grower and coordinator of NVHP in Vietnam, was the first to take advantage from this offer.

Experience of Thien Dieu & Sapa Hitech – 2 Vietnamese members of NVHBP

Sapa Hightech has been cultivating Lily flowers in Sapa area for about 5 years. The farm is almost 400 km from Hanoi City, 6-7 hours of driving, with 1.500m above sea level, good climate for flowers during summer time, but the soil is not really rich. Since 2019 Sapa Hightech started the collaboration with Thien Dieu and became a member of NVHBP. They made use of the support by Eurofins and MimosaTEK.

2 samples were sent: yellow and black soil. Thanks to the analysis and advices from Eurofins/MimosaTEK, Sapa and Thien Dieu could understand well the structure and nutrition of current soil, to adjust the fertilizers to be more effective and grow more varieties at the same farm. It is quite important as Lily is getting less popular recently.

Below you will find an example (anonymous) of the report of a soil analysis, including targets and recommendation.

All other members of NVHP and horticulture growers in Vietnam are invited to make use of the services of MimosaTek and high tech analyses of Eurofins Agro.


Webinar on Promotion of High-Tech Agricultural Cooperation in Da Nang – The Netherlands (November 18, 2020)

With the consent of the City People’s Committee in Official Dispatch No. 7384 / UBND-SNG dated November 9, 2020, the Department of Foreign Affairs has coordinated with the Embassy of Vietnam in the Netherlands and the Association of Planting Enterprises Cooperation. Dutch – Vietnam cultivation organizes a webinar on promoting high-tech agriculture cooperation in Da Nang – Netherlands, the specific information is as follows::

  1. Webinar name: Promote high-tech agriculture cooperation in Da Nang – Netherlands
  2. Time: 18/11/2020
  3. Purpose: Sharing experiences in managing and operating hi-tech agricultural production; connecting enterprises, experts from the Netherlands and Da Nang in order to improve agricultural production capacity with high technology application; introduce a number of cultivars (mushrooms, flowers, vegetables and fruit trees) and production technologies suitable to the needs and climatic and weather conditions in Da Nang..
  4. Participants: 100 representatives
  5. a) From Đà Nẵng city: 70 rep.
  • 01 Representative of City People’s Committee;
  • Leaders of the Departments: Agriculture and Rural Development, Foreign Affairs, Science and        Technology, Investment Promotion and Support Department, Hoa Vang District People’s Committee, and Biotechnology Center (Department of Science and Technology).
  • Leadership Representative of City Farmers Association, City Cooperative Union.
  • Representatives of universities and colleges in the area with relevant training occupations: Faculty of Biology – Environment (Da Nang Pedagogical University), Danang Food and Food College.
  • 40 enterprises, cooperatives, cooperative groups, farmers in Da Nang city.
  • Representatives of Netherlands – Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP).
  • Central and local agencies and newspapers.

b) From the Netherlands: 10 representatives

  • Ambassador and Counselor for Trade of Vietnam in the Netherlands;
  • Enterprises and high-tech agricultural experts in the Netherlands (NVHBP);

c) Other cities: 20 reps

  • Local representatives: Lang Son, Ha Giang, Phu Tho, Nghe An, Phu Yen, Dak Lak, Kon Tum, Dong Thap;
  • Representatives of the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, Department of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of large farming enterprises in Vietnam participated in the workshop.

General assessment

  • Online seminar on promoting high-tech agriculture cooperation in Da Nang – The Netherlands has achieved and exceeded the set targets, attracting the attention of enterprises in the agricultural sector in Da Nang and other localities. agriculture sector in Vietnam such as Phu Tho, Nghe An, Lang Son, Phu Yen, Kon Tum, Ha Giang, etc … attended.
  • The agenda of the Workshop took place according to the plan, the sessions were carefully prepared for the content; organization, reception, logistics ensure. Enterprises, cooperatives and some training facilities in the city are interested in asking questions, discussing and are interested by Dutch partners, exchange and positive feedback.
  • The webinar received the enthusiastic support of the Embassy of Vietnam in the Netherlands, the Netherlands – Vietnam Association of Farming Enterprises Co-operation in its organization, in introducing Dutch experts to attend properly. Da Nang’s needs, arranging work programs, opens up many potentials and opportunities for future cooperation. After the seminar, many businesses and cooperatives of the city expressed their interest and desire to cooperate with the Dutch side through NVHBP

VIETNAM BUSINESS SUMMIT Digitized Vietnam: Toward Resilient Responsive and Sustainable development

Date: 12 November, 2020

Venue: Daewoo Hotel, Hanoi

Panel discussion 3: Fruitful cooperation in innovative agriculture to contribute to global food security.

Discussion topics:  During the current Covid-19 pandemic, food security is increasingly a major concern for many countries around the world. As one of leading exporters of various agricultural produces in the world, where should Vietnam focus to increase value and output of its agricultural products?

Moderator: Mr. Nguyen Do Anh Tuan, Director General of  International Cooperation Department,  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Speaker: Global demand for food: Opportunities and challenges for Vietnam agricultural products – Mr. Nguyen Song Ha, Assistant of FAO Representative (presentation file)


  • Differentiation strategy in the agricultural production and trade – Mr. Vo Quan Huy, Director of Huy Long An My Binh ltd. Company.
  • Application of scientific and technological advances in agriculture – Mr. Tran Huu Quyen, Chairman of VNPT Technology
  • Best practice of joint-cooperation in innovative agriculture – Ms. Mai Thi Hong, Vietnam Coordinator of The Netherlands Vietnam Horti Business Platform. (presentation file)

Launching the Center for Agricultural Innovation (Agrinnovation)

On Friday, 20-11-2020, the Center for Agricultural Innovation (Agrinnovation) has been launched under Decision No. 830 / QD-HVN of the Director of the Vietnam National University of Agriculture, aiming to effectively exploit science and technology resources through developing new – high-value-interdisciplinary-technology research directions – integrating with 4.0 technology and co-creating with businesses to create new values social service.

Agrinnovation is a place for research teams and experts to carry out specific international research and cooperation activities, to contribute scientifically and to policy advice on issues related to sustainable development, research, and development. Research strategy and build an organizational network.

Activites are included:

  • Building creative space
  • Promote agriculture technology transfer and trade
  • Developing multi-sectorative research developments, bringing strategies.

For further details of the Centre, kindly visit:

Webinar Cooperation Da Nang and the Netherlands in the field of high-tech agriculture

Webinar Cooperation Da Nang and the Netherlands in the field of high-tech agriculture

Draft program

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Time: 09:30–11:15 (Amsterdam time, GMT+2, winter)

15:30-17:15 (Vietnam time, GMT+7)

Venue: Online (Webex)/ Meeting room 2, 2nd floor, Administration Center)

Organisers: People’s Committee  of Da Nang City, Vietnam Embassy in the Netherlands and Netherlands Vietnam Horti Business Platform

Representatives Da Nang: representative leaders of departments: Agriculture and Rural Development, Foreign Affairs, Industry and Trade, Science and Technology; People’s Committee of Hoa Vang district; Investment Promotion and Support Department; City Farmers Association; City Cooperatives Alliance. And some agricultural production enterprises in the city.

Moderator: Mrs. Ho Hoai Ha and Mr. Joost Vrancken Peeters (Chairman Netherlands-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce)


Open meeting room


Opening remarks

Mr. Pham Viet Anh, Vietnam’s Ambassador to the Netherlands



Opening remarks

Vice Chairman of Danang People’s Committee



Opening remarks

Willem Schoustra, Agricultural Counselor (to be confirmed)



Introduction to Da Nang’s high-tech agriculture

Representative leader of department of Agriculture and Rural Development



Introduction to the Dutch horticulture sector and NVHBP

Mirjam Boekestijn, Board Member NVHBP




From passive to active greenhouse – Five quick wins for a more profitable business

Arjen Janmaat/Jan Hoogewoning,

Ridder Growing Solutions




Insight in Horticulture

“How Eurofins testing supports optimal horticulture”

Theo Aanhane, Eurofins Agro




Moderator in Da Nang

Moderator, Joost Vrancken Peeters



Developing the Vietnamese vegetable market through introduction and promotion of high quality varieties as well as modern horticulture technical transfer

Ms Trần Thị Huệ, Rijk Zwaan Vietnam




Mushroom cultivation

Mr Mark den Ouden/Mr Thed Vestjens, Mushroom Office



Flower cultivation

Paul Onings, Onings Holland





Q&A and Closing

Moderator in Da Nang

Moderator, Joost Vrancken Peeters


If you would like to join send an email to:

Workshop “Promoting technology transfer for flower production in Vietnam”

On the morning of October 30, at the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, a workshop on “Promoting technology transfer for the flower production industry in Vietnam” took place. This activity is part of a series of events on the occasion of the Technology Connection and Innovation Week in 2020 (from October 30 to November 2) organized by the Ministry of Science & Technology in Hanoi.

Opening the seminar, Mr. Pham Duc Nghiem – Deputy Director of the Department of Market Development and Science and Technology Enterprises emphasized: “The seminar is a bridge to promote cooperation, association and technology transfer between research institutes, University with enterprises, production and business cooperatives in the development of flower production in Vietnam.”

Picture 2. Dr. Nguyen Van Tỉnh, Director of the Center for Flower and Bonsai Research and Development, presented the current situation, potential and development orientation of the flower industry in Vietnam.

Picture 3. Ms. Mai Hong, General Director of Thien Dieu Production & Trading Joint Stock Company shared some information about the flower production industry in the Netherlands, opportunities for cooperation in the development of flower production in Vietnam

Picture 4. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang, Strategic Director of Weather Plus Company, presented the Plan to upgrade green farm services, helping to connect stakeholders in the flower business industry in Vietnam

Picture 5, Sharing its model, APPA GROUP – one of the pioneers in completely mastering and taking control of the technology, applying the achievements of the Industry 4.0 revolution in agricultural production, Engineer Pham Huu Viet APPA GROUP, said, providing comprehensive solutions such as irrigation infrastructure, instrumentation sensor and central processor. The hotel uses software on mobile phones to control hardware devices.

Picture 7, Dr. Dang Quang Bich, Project Manager of flower production project applying high technology at Chau Giang Joint Stock Company (Hai Phong) presented the results and lessons learned in the association between managers and scientists. and an enterprise in flower production applying high technology at Chau Giang Joint Stock Company

At the seminar, the signing ceremony of technology transfer contracts between the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute also took place with the following units and businesses:

Technology transfer signing agreement between Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute and Thien Truong 36 Co., Ltd..

Signed a contract to provide the flower production management software package between three parties: Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute, Appa Group International Trade & Technology Joint Stock Company and representatives of Moc Chau flower production group.

Signed a cooperation contract to build a doctor software program for flowers between the Institute of Vegetable and Fruit and Vegetable Research Corporation and Weather Plus Company.

Opening of “Technology Connection and Innovation Week 2020”

On the morning of October 31, 2020, the Week of Connecting Technology and Innovation in 2020 officially opened. This is a program organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development at the Vietnam University of Agriculture (VNUA). The event aims to introduce, promote, connect, transfer technology, promote the development of the science and technology market, expand cooperation between research institutes, universities, businesses, and bring science public. technology into practice in service of production and socio-economic development. 

Attending the opening ceremony of the Technology Connection and Innovation Week in 2020 were Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan; Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung; Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dinh – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Farmers Association; Mr. Chu Hong Ha – Vice President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology; Mr. Pham Bao Son – Deputy Director of Hanoi National University.


On the side of Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, there was Professor.TS. Nguyen Thi Lan – Secretary of the Party Committee, Director of the Academy; Prof.Dr. Tran Duc Vien – President of Academy Council with more than 500 representatives from Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam Cooperative Union, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, Embassies of several countries in Hanoi, leaders of provinces / cities nationwide, research institutes, universities, associations, joint ventures industry, scientists and exhibitors at the event.

Overview of the ceremony

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung shared that taking business as the center of the national innovation system is a favorable legal environment and supporting businesses in the process of production and business, creating favorable conditions for creative transfer and innovation activities in enterprises. Startup activities and investment in innovative startups are the orientations and policies of the Party and State over the years, which have been concretized into many programs and actions.

Not only is the activity of national stature in science and technology, through the main activities at the Week, it shows the importance and urgency in the panorama of technology connecting activities and innovation in Vietnam. The Week of Technology Connection and Innovation 2020 contributes significantly to promoting technology application, transfer and innovation in businesses and local organizations, thereby contributing to the implementation of Government resolutions on improving the goods competitiveness of enterprises, creating conditions for scientists to apply their results to production and business, and contribute to practical socio-economic development. .

On behalf of the leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Deputy Minister Tran Van Tung expressed his thanks to the attention of the Party and State leaders, the effective coordination of ministries, departments, central and local branches in connecting supply and demand of technology and innovation. At the same time, he also praised the active participation of enterprises, scientists, young start-ups and experts throughout the country to enhance scientific research, technology transfer and innovation.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung delivers the opening speech at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan expressed his thanks to the presence of businesses, scientists, representatives of organizations participating in the Technology Connection and Innovation 2020.

In the context of Vietnam’s extensive economic integration, besides the advantages, there are also many great difficulties and challenges. Typically in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the global import and export, directly affecting the production, import and consumption of agricultural products. African swine fever has decreased but has not been completely controlled, making it difficult to re-herd and increase herd. Climate change causes droughts in all 3 regions, surface intrusion in the Mekong Delta, heavy rains, and widespread floods in many areas in the Central region. In addition, the market for many agricultural products tends to decrease due to the impact of the trade war of major economies.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan made a welcome speech at the opening ceremony

The Deputy Minister said that in order to continue affirming the great role of science and technology, innovation in the development of agriculture and rural development should focus on well performing the following tasks:

Firstly, proactively, timely and effectively grapsing opportunities from the achievements of the industrial revolution 4.0 associated with international integration to restructure the economy, develop the digital economy, the communal assembly; improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness. Develop training programs, raise awareness in the education system, research facilities on science and technology application and innovation, control the knowledge economy globally.

Secondly, perfecting institutions and legal policies in line with the international market mechanism and technology to develop a scientific economy in Vietnam, develop science and technology and innovate for businesses. Focus on developing national products based on new technologies, high technologies, building new industries, new varieties, creating high added value and competitive advantage in Vietnam.

Third, complete the system of policies to encourage and promote innovation in the corporate sector and public services, especially start-ups, innovation and technological innovation in production and business. and public service.

Fourth, strongly implement the national digital transformation project, promote state agencies, universities, research institutes and enterprises to develop on digital platforms. Develop and apply vigorously high technologies, especially digital technologies in the trend of the fourth industrial revolution. Apply high technology, digital technology and smart technology to promote agricultural development in Vietnam.

Fifth, encourage and promote enterprises to develop innovative business models, think about marketization, and the science and technology market to facilitate competition, and mobilize the participation of all business sectors.

Mr. Andrew Barnes – Australian Deputy Ambassador to Vietnam expressed his honor to join the Technology Connection and Innovation Week 2020

Representing the embassies in the opening ceremony, Mr. Andrew Barnes – Deputy Ambassador of Australia to Vietnam expressed his honor to participate in the Technology Connection and Innovation Week 2020. According to Mr. Andrew Barnes Barnes, Vietnam and Australia all benefit from the good commercial relationship in agriculture. Australian consumers love and consume more and more high quality products from Vietnam such as fruits, cashew nuts and coffee. In addition, Australia’s live cattle, cotton, wheat and barley are also the input materials for Vietnam’s agricultural value chain and Vietnam is Australia’s largest source of shrimp imports.

Australia is also working closely with Vietnam in policy research, tools and recommendations for research on trends and scenarios for Vietnam’s digital economic future; developing a model to measure the impact of technology on productivity and growth; promote the application of artificial intelligence technology through hosting application technology forums and supporting the formulation of R&D strategies; consulting the national science and technology innovation strategy for the next 10 years.

Mr. Tran Manh Bao – Chairman of ThaiBinh Seed Group Joint Stock Company speaking at the ceremony

Representing the business, Mr. Tran Manh Bao – Chairman of ThaiBinh Seed Group Joint Stock Company expressed his honor to attend the Opening Ceremony of Technology Connection and Innovation Week 2020 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. coordinated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to organize at Vietnam Academy of Agriculture.

Established in 1972, up to now, ThaiBinh Seed is one of the leading enterprises in promoting scientific research and applying research achievements in production. According to Bao, ThaiBinh Seed has built a development strategy based on three main pillars: “Quality human resources”, “Science and technology” and “Cooperation”. In this strategy the human role comes first; Science and technology are the foundation of the development strategy; “Cooperation” is a condition for the development of science and technology.

Mr. Bao shared that, in order to apply science and technology to effective operations, in addition to focusing on human resources, the company also actively integrates and international cooperation. In 2002, ThaiBinh Seed joined the Asia Pacific Seed Association (APSA). Currently, ThaiBinh Seed has cooperative relations with specialized institutes in the country and many research institutes, universities and foreign enterprises.

Deputy Minister Le Minh Hoan and Deputy Minister Tran Van Tung awarded medals and certificates to businesses with achievements in technology innovation and technology commercialization in 2020.

Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan – Secretary of Party Committee, Director of Vietnam Academy of Agriculture signed the cooperation in scientific research, technology transfer and training activities with a number of enterprises and organizations.

Ribbon cutting ceremony to open the Week of Technology Connection and Innovation in 2020

The Week of Connecting Technologies and Innovation in 2020 will have the participation of more than 200 booths with more than 1,000 technologies demonstrated by research institutes, universities, organizations, enterprises, scientists, domestic inventors and international organizations, units, and enterprises operating in Vietnam, focusing on technology areas such as mechanical engineering in agriculture, post-harvest processing and preservation, agriculture high technology, environmental treatment, new energy, renewable energy, information technology, medicine …

In particular, the event is a place to introduce, promote, connect, transfer technology, promote the development of the science and technology market, expand cooperation between research institutes, universities, and enterprises. science, technology and innovation into practice in service of production and business, socio-economic development.

Delegates visiting the booths