Floricultural mission to the Netherlands leads to cooperation on the development of a sustainable floriculture sector in Vietnam

From November 6 to 9, a Vietnamese delegation consisting of government representatives, education institutes and growers from the three provinces Lam Dong, Dong Thap and Son La visited the Dutch horticulture sector as part of the floricultural mission to the Netherlands. The organizers of this trade mission, including the Netherlands Embassy in Vietnam, the Dutch Enterprise Agency, the Netherlands Vietnam Horti Business Platform, and Dutch Greenhouse Delta, aimed to share knowledge, explore potential partnerships, and strengthen collaboration in the field of sustainable floriculture to create significant value for both countries.

Vietnam has been attracting significant attention for several years due to its outstanding potential in horticulture and floriculture. With diverse climatic conditions, a young and ambitious population, a large domestic market, a growing middle-income consumer group, and a favourable environment for foreign investment, horticulture and floriculture are among the most promising sectors in the Vietnamese economy. This Floricultural mission represents a significant step forward in harnessing this potential.

Participants in the floricultural mission include growers and growers associations, educational institutions, and government representatives, from the provinces of Lam Dong, Dong Thap, and Son La. In Vietnam the growing area for the cultivation of cut flowers, ornamental plants, and ornamental flowers is 45,000 hectare with Lam Dong as key production area. The program focused on sharing knowledge, strengthening collaborations, and exploring potential partnerships. Additionally, it marked an important milestone in our diplomatic relationship, as this year commemorates 50 years of diplomatic ties.

50 years of bilateral relations

The collaboration between the Netherlands and Vietnam has a long history. This year marks 50 years of bilateral relations between the two countries, and there have been more than 400 years of people-to-people contact. Last year, on December 12, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh visited the World Horti Center as part of his official visit to the Netherlands. During this visit, he expressed Vietnam’s commitment to cooperating with Dutch partners to address agricultural challenges. Vietnam aims to provide the world with products produced through a smart, circular, organic, responsible, and emission-balanced agricultural approach.

In honour of the 50 years of diplomatic relations, the Lily Bulb ‘Sutudo’ from Onings Holland Flowerbulbs was bapted during the Netherlands-Vietnam Floricultural Conference, which was part of the trade mission program.


The program included components that focused on knowledge sharing and networking between the Dutch business community and the Vietnamese delegation. There were meetings with Dutch government officials and sector organizations. The Netherlands-Vietnam Floriculture Conference was part of the program, as well as the Trade Fair at the Royal Flora Holland flower auction in Aalsmeer and the International Floriculture Trade Fair in Vijfhuizen.

Field visits to companies in the horticulture (floriculture) sector were also part of the program. The delegation visited KP Holland, Onings Holland Flowerbulbs, Arcadia Chrysanten, a grower specializing in cut greens where they also received a presentation from Ridder on water management and climate control, Koppert, and Anthura, the breeder of Anthuriums and Orchids. These field visits focused on farming the future and integrated approaches, sharing expertise with knowledge institutes, and holding roundtable discussions with stakeholders throughout the entire value chain.

Netherlands-Vietnam Floriculture Conference

We look back on a valuable conference, as start of the floriculture mission from Vietnam to the Netherlands, consisting of government representatives, education institutes and growers from three different Vietnamese provinces.

The conference focused on flower and ornamental plan cultivation and the collaboration between the Netherlands and Vietnam. This collaboration has a long and significant history with a lot of potential for the future. In Vietnam the growing area for the cultivation of cut flowers, ornamental plants, and ornamental flowers is 45,000 hectare with Lam Dong as key production area.

During the conference, we marked an important milestone in our diplomatic relationship. In honor of 50 years of diplomatic relations, the “Sutudo” Lily Bulb from Onings Holland Flowerbulbs (Paul Onings) was bapted by Ingrid Korving, Agricultural Counsellor The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam and Vo Thi Ngoc Diep, Trade Counsellor Viet Nam Embassy in the Hague.

Additionally, the collaboration and its potential were emphasized during the speeches. Presentations by Lam Dong Province, Dong Thap Province, and Son La Province, highlighted investment and trade opportunities in these Vietnamese provinces. In the meantime, there was time to network for the Dutch companies and Vietnamese delegation. The program concluded with an interactive tour at the World Horti Center.

A special thanks for the valuable contributions and speeches from: Victor Dobbe and Ivo Meijer of Gemeente Westland, Ingrid Korving of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam, Vo Thi Ngoc Diep of Viet Nam Embassy in the Hague, Puck van Holsteijn of World Horti Center, Marga Vintges of Greenport West-Holland, Christina van der Laar and Max Biermans of Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) | Partner in Sustainable Development, Kuno Jacobs of HortEx Vietnam, Mirjam Boekestijn and Henk van Eijk. And of course the companies!


Invitation ‘Netherlands-Vietnam Floriculture Conference’

Invitation Netherlands-Vietnam Floriculture Conference


From September 11 to 15, 2023, NVHBP and experts from the Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands (https://www.wur.nl) had an investigation trip on the current status of chemical use in cultivating flowers and ornamental plants in Vietnam in order to advise appropriate solutions to help the Vietnamese floriculture develop safely and sustainably.

Realizing that this work requires cooperation from different parties, i.e. government; research and training units; enterprises and organizations that produce and trade horticulture utilities and especially the growers who directly use in the process of producing ornamental flowers, the delegation met with the Department of Crop Production – http://www.cuctrongtrot.gov.vn/, Plant Protection Department – https://www.ppd.gov.vn/  (under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – https://www.mard.gov.vn/), Faculty of Agronomy (https://nonghoc.vnua.edu.vn/) and Plant Protection – Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, Center for Research and Development of Ornamental Flowers – http://ceford.vn/ – under the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute (www.favri.org.vn),  Dalat Flower Association – http://dfa.com.vn/,  farmers in Xuan Quan Flower Village, Hung Yen; reputable businesses in Da Lat such as Dalat Hasfarm (https://www.dalathasfarm.com/), Langbiang Farm (https://langbiangfarm.com.vn/), F1 Biotech (https://www.facebook. com/f1biotechdalat/)   and a number of growers in the area.

The parties had useful shares about the current situation in Vietnam: farmers have not been fully warned about the risks coming from plant protection chemicals, and pesticides in farming; labor protection in some places is still relatively sketchy; knowledge about using chemical is sometimes limited, so spraying is not scientific or safe.

Experts recommend to start with some model farms, applying agrochemical reduction processes seriously and accurately, and gradually replicating them on a larger scale. People need to be equipped with skills to use fertilizers and protect their health more thoroughly. May consider specialized training courses with certification to standardize this.

The parties agreed to actively collaborate with this program in the coming time, for a steady future of Vietnamese agriculture in general and the floriculture in particular.

Prepared by: Mai Hong – Vietnam Coordinator – The Netherlands and Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP).


On August 30, 2023, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dong Thap Province, and the Netherlands-Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation to improve the production and trade of flowers and ornamentals for Dong Thap province; in the field of researching, transfering and commercialising new flower and ornamental products suitable for the climate environment; as well as marketing for the flower and ornamental industry in Dong Thap province, within 3 years (2023-2025).

Based on that, NVHBP will:

  • Introduce and transfer new flower varieties, with loyalty;
  • Consulting on upgrading technical infrastructure and farming technology
  • Consulting on the market and trade of ornamental flower products from Dong Thap.

Dong Thap is responsible for:

  • Involving and connecting stakeholders from Dong Thap for the different activities.
  • Assigning appropriate personnel to receive information and deploy the work.
  • Preparing the necessary infrastructure, coordinate with Party A in implementation.


During June 13-16, 2023, members of NVHBP, including Kenlog, Ridder, Van der Valk Horti Systems, Koidra, Logiqs, SeaFarm Group, Thien Dieu Flora and FAVRI exhibited and visited 2 major events of the agricultural industry in the Netherlands.

At Flower Trials, the delegation visited and discussed with Onings Company (specializing in providing bulbs of Lily, Tulip, Gladiolus, Amaryllis…) and KP Holland Company (specializing in breeding and supplying Gerbera, Spathiphyllum, Siam Curcuma), and the World Horti Center.

NVHBP members met and exchanged business opportunities and explored solutions for greenhouse farming of Ridder, Van der Valk, Koidra… at Greentech Amsterdam 2023.

2 events are organized professionally and meticulously, which is considered a success in terms of quantity and quality of visitors, especially companies operating in the field of horticulture from developing regions such as: Asia, Africa and the Gulf.

The members were satisfied with the trip and plan to proceed the follow-up work after these initial discussions.



On Friday, April 7, 2023, at the Office of Lai Chau Agricultural Products Association, the first meeting of 2023 between the two Associations took place.

Attending the meeting were representatives of the Quality Management Sub-Department, under the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Lai Chau, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan, Chairman of Lai Chau Agricultural Products Association, Ms. Mai Thi Hong, Vietnam Coordinator of the Netherlands – Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) and representatives of the two Associations’ members.

The two sides re-evaluated the cooperation in the past year, details are:

  • In December 2021, the parties signed the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • In 2022, the parties supported to introduce agricultural products of Lai Chau Agricultural Products Association members into domestic distribution channels, consulted on organic agricultural production, guided the use of digital application for tracking the production on fields.
  • The parties had exchanged on varieties, growing techniques of vegetables and flowers, supporting the trade promotion on the Internet.
  • NVHBP introduced and sent flower and vegetable seeds to members of Lai Chau Agricultural Products Association.
  • Consulting on product development and market trend for members of Lai Chau Agricultural Products Association on rice, tea…

Proposals and recommendations for the activities in 2023:

  • The parties would continue sharing information on domestic and international markets.
  • NVHBP supports to set up the Website, Fanpage for Lai Chau Agricultural Products Association, promote practical and effective digitization in sales and marketing.
  • Introduce and connect Lai Chau Agricultural Products Association with cooperatives and associations in other provinces to share experiences and exchange goods between regions.
  • Promote the establishment of Vegetable and Flower sub-associations to conduct more specific works on this field in 2023.
  • The parties maintain regular contact, seek to implement suitable projects and business contracts.



On March 14, 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City, Representatives of the Netherlands – Vietnamese Horticulture Business Platform (NVBHP) had attended the Award Ceremony Vietnamese High Quality Products 2023 – voted by consumers.

Within the framework of the Ceremony, there was the Festival of Vietnamese High Quality Products with the display and introduction of Vietnamese High Quality products, green products for sustainable development.

And the Seminar “Vietnamese High Quality Products and the opportunity to rise up in the green economy”.

The Ceremony of 2023 has the theme: “27 years of High Quality Vietnamese Goods – a journey to a green economy”.

This is a special event of the year of the High Quality Vietnamese Products business community.

The Ceremony of this year is the place to honor 519 businesses with high quality products voted by consumers, with the attendance and meetings of trade promotion organizations, domestic and international buyers. The place for the economic experts, central leaders, Ho Chi Minh City and localities to share opinion, revolves around the story: Vietnamese High Quality Products – The core force of green economy and sustainable development.

The Netherlands – Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) is pleased to become a companion with the High Quality Vietnamese Goods Association in 2023 and the following years.

NVHBP visits Dong Thap province

Saturday 4th March 2023, NVHBP and its members Ridder, Onings Holland Flowerbulbs, Thien Dieu, Danny Green and Koidra visited Dong Thap province. The platform firstly met the People Committee of Dong Thap province at the HortEx. This meeting was followed up by a visit to the province in which they visited the commercial trade center for flowers and ornamental plants and the High-Tech Agricultural Application Center in Sa Dec.

The People Committee of Dong Thap Province and NVHBP agreed on signing a MoU in order to collaborate more closely on three main points, namely:

  1. The introduction of new flower varieties suitable to cultivate in Dong Thap province;
  2. Exchange of horticultural knowledge, experience and technical solutions especially on technologies for adapting to the climate change, knowledge and experience exchange on post-harvest management and promotion and sales;
  3. Advise on the promotion and sales of flowers and ornamental plants in the commercial trade center.

As a first start, the parties will closely work out a pilot project for the cultivation of Amaryllis in the area.

NVHBP present at the HortEx

The Netherlands Vietnam Horti Business Platform (NVHBP) together with its members Ridder, Onings Holland Flowerbulbs, Kenlog, KP Holland, Koidra, and KoKoFi were present at the HortEx 2023. During the exhibition, they received their partners in the booth and meet new potential partners.

On Thursday 2 March, the platform hosted the seminar ‘Bringing the Vietnamese horticulture sector to the next level by applying sustainable horticulture solutions which support in adapting to the climate change’. Firstly, the coordinators of NVHBP Ms. Mai Hong and Ms. Mirjam Boekestijn introduced NVHBP. Thereafter, Mr. Arjen Janmaat (Ridder) explained more about how to make your greenhouse greener in terms of sustainability and profitability. Then we dived into the future through the presentation of Ms. Hang (Koidra) about autonomous growing. Our last speaker, Mr. Paul Onings, talked about lily cultivation in practice in Vietnam.

The platform also joined the field visit to Da Lat on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 February which was organized by the Netherlands Embassy in Vietnam. The companies Phong Thuy farm, Dalat Hasfarm, NguyenLong mushroom company, and Langbiang farm were visited. A network reception on Monday evening was hosted at Greenbox. On Tuesday, the group had a courtesy visit to the People Committee of Lam Dong province.