Webinar – Great opportunities for fruit and vegetable importers after EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement

The EVFTA (EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement) came into effect on 1 August 2020. The Vietnamese Embassy is therefore organizing a webinar and matchmaking activity on September 29, 2020 to draw attention to the export opportunities for Vietnamese fruit and vegetables within the Dutch fresh produce trade. We asked Mr. Nguyen Hai Tinh of the Trade Office of the Vietnamese Embassy in the Netherlands some questions about the potential of Vietnamese fruit and vegetables on the Dutch market. “Thanks to the EVFTA, the import tax of 94% of Vietnamese fruit and vegetables was immediately reduced to 0% as of August 1, which increases the competitiveness of European fruit and vegetable trading companies when they import from Vietnam!”

When asked about the advantage of trading with Vietnam compared to other Asian countries, Hai Tinh Nguyen replies that, in addition to the reduction of the import tax to 0%, the horticulture and fruit tree industry is one of the most promising pillars of the Vietnamese economy. “According to experts, Vietnam has the potential to become one of the major fruit exporters for the EU and the world. Vietnam has an area of ​​more than 1 million hectares of fruit trees. In total, the country harvests more than 11 million tons of fruit.”

“Vietnamese growers are increasingly applying cultivation to food safety and hygiene, according to GlobalGAP standards. Exporters know how to improve the technology of preserving fruit and vegetables for export to distant markets such as the EU and the US. Vietnamese vegetables in particular and fruits have a typical taste and a unique taste compared to other countries in the region, “continued Mr Hai Tinh Nguyen.

According to him, the following 13 Vietnamese fruit and vegetable products are very interesting for export.

  • Dragon fruit (55,419 hectares), of which almost 50,000 hectares are harvested. Total harvest 1,100,000 tons. Export in fresh fruit, dried slices or square pieces.
  • Mango (acreage of approximately 100,000 hectares in South Vietnam with a production of almost 900,000 tons). 13th mango producer in the world. Export fresh, dried and preserved.
  • Longan (70,000 hectares, evenly distributed over South and North Vietnam). Production of 700,000 tons per year. Export of both fresh and dried longan.
  • Pomelo (44,000 hectares / production 370,000 tons). Production mainly in South Vietnam. The most famous variety is the Da Xanh pomelo. Export fresh, peeled and frozen.
  • Rambutan (24,000 hectares, 150,000 tons per year). Cultivation in South Vietnam. Export fresh, canned and frozen.
  • Mangosteen (7,200 hectares / 31,000 tons per year). Grows mainly in South Vietnam. Export for the fresh market
  • Jackfruit (17,000 hectares / 290,000 tons per year). Export fresh and dried.
  • Sterappel (4,700 hectares / 48,000 tons per year). Cultivation in South Vietnam. Export fresh (with air freight) and frozen (via sea freight).
  • Lychee (60,000 hectares / 350,000 tons per year). Cultivation in North Vietnam. Third producer in the world. Export fresh, preserved, frozen and dried.
  • Passion fruit (10,000 hectares / 500,000 tons per year). Export fresh, juice, frozen)
  • Coconut (175,000 hectares). 7th place out of 93 producing countries in the world. Export freshly peeled, canned, coconut water, grated.)
  • Pineapple (40,000 hectares / 500,000 tons per year). 10th producer in the world. Export fresh, canned, frozen and in pieces).
  • Lemons (23,000 hectares / 290,000 tons per year). Grows mainly in South Vietnam. Export mainly for fresh market.
  • Purple sweet potatoes: 300,000 tons per year.


The webinar consists of two parts.

First of all, there is an information section, in which fruit and vegetable importers are informed about the opportunities of Vietnamese fruit and vegetables by government officials, the Dutch embassy, ​​the Dutch business association in Vietnam and the Vietnam Logistics Association. This includes the EVFTA benefits, the fruit and vegetable sector in Vietnam, practical tips about doing business in Vietnam, the bilateral strategic cooperation in the field of sustainable agriculture and food security, the transport route between the Vietnamese (air) ports and the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol etc. Through the webinar, companies are introduced to the Vietnamese business environment and practical experiences of the Dutch Business Association in Vietnam, which offers support to Dutch companies that do business in Vietnam. There is also plenty of time to ask questions to the experts and officials present.

The second part of the program consists of a matchmaking where fruit and vegetable importers can meet reliable fruit and vegetable suppliers and processors, organized by the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency. Each Dutch importer has the opportunity to meet at least three Vietnamese suppliers / exporters separately online. The names and contacts of the importers are stored by Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency and can be promoted to the Vietnamese companies if desired.

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Promotion of supply and demand of Eco-Fair Agri-food processing products in Vietnam

The project “Promotion of supply and demand of Eco-Fair Agri-food processing products in Vietnam” (Eco-fair), funded by the European Union (EU), began to implement from April 2020. Center for Sustainability Study and Consultancy (CCS)-the member of Netherlands Vietnam Horti Business Platform together with partners including Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI)-project leader, Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre (VNCPC) and Funzilife Ltd. (Finland) will implement this project in 3 years from 2020 to 2023.

The overall objective of the project is to promote sustainable production and consumption of eco-equitable agricultural product processing in Vietnam, contributing to poverty reduction and sustainable livelihood development, towards the green economy, recirculating economy, reducing carbon emissions, improving resource efficiency in Vietnam.

Regarding specific objectives, the project helps:

– Enhancing the capacity of small and micro enterprises (MSMEs) to implement sustainabe production practices and product innovation in the food supply chain;

– Raising awareness of the majority of consumers about lifestyles, sustainable consumption, building networks to promote the implementation of eco-fair labels;

– Using technology platforms to build a network of retailers- eco-fair products;

– Strengthening the capacity of MSMEs to develop products in an eco-equitable manner to facilitate access to financial resources;

– Supporting policy development on fair production and consumption of eco-products in Asia.

The project is now building an online learning course for 1000 MSMEs in cashew nut, rice, fresh fruit and vegetables sub-sectors based on existing expert content in sustainable product innovation and production practices.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us: Center for Creativity Sustainability Study and Consultancy (CCS), Tel: 02462605318 or email to: programme.ecofair.2020@gmail.com

Courtesy meeting new Vietnamese ambassador in The Netherlands

Monday 24th of August, the Dutch members of the platform were invited by the Vietnamese Embassy for a courtesy meeting with the new ambassador Mr. Pham Viet Anh. The members had the opportunity to introduce their companies and to inform the new ambassador about the platform. In the meeting they discussed how to continue and strengthen their cooperation in order to bring the Vietnamese horticultural sector to the next level. What is the need of the Vietnamese horticultural sector and how could the platform contribute to this.

Join Ken Tran of Koidra in the Autonomous Greenhouse Forum

Date: Thursday, September 10, 2020
Time: Starting at 12PM Eastern
Place: Zoom (hosted by OSU)
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Autonomous greenhouse is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) in CEA but will become critical for our future development of CEA technologies (including applications to low tech and high tech CEA).

Please sign up if you would like to join the conversation. This will be the first step to build a community to identify R&D needs through industry-academic collaborations.

Technical training on intensive asparagus farming by high technology

The Cotton Research and Agricultural Development Institute of Nha Ho has just organized a training course on asparagus-intensive farming on high technology for 30 farmers.

The training course under the topic: “Research and application of green asparagus intensive technology towards high technology in Ninh Thuan” was conducted in An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc district and Quarter 3, My Hai ward, Thanh Hoa. Phan Rang – Thap Cham street.

Through the training course, the Institute’s trainers have taught people how to apply new intensive techniques, ways to care for, apply fertilizer and control diseases on green asparagus so that people can be more proactive in take care of their family’s asparagus garden. After listening to the technical instructions in the neighborhood public hall, students went to visit the asparagus garden of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai, who received technical support from the Institute and directly exchanged techniques and experiences with the head of the household. .

The training course has provided useful knowledge for bamboo shoot farmers here. From there, apply the learned knowledge into production, developing the family economy.

Vietnamese member meeting – July 2020

In the afternoon of Wednesday, 22nd July 2020, the members in the North Vietnam of the Netherlands Vietnam Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) had a meeting at Nam Cau Kien Ecological Industrial Zone, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong Province.

From organizer there are:

  • Pham Hong Diep
  • Pham Anh Minh
  • Mai Quoc Hung
  • And other staff of Nam Cau Kien Industrial Zone.

Participating are the representatives of NVHBP’s supporting partners and members:

  • Dang Van Dong, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien, Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute (FAVRI);
  • Mai Hong – Vietnam Coordinator, Mr. Vo Hai Phuong, Thien Dieu Trading & Processing Joint Stock Company;
  • Dang Xuan Truong, Ms. Hoang Yen Mai, Hachi Jsc.
  • Nguyen Tuong Hung, Pho Hien Machinery.
  • Bui Thu Trang, Behn Meyer Vietnam.
  • Do Van Vang, Phu Sa Song Hong Thai Binh.

Parties were presented the Project of building the Centre of Excellence at Nam Cau Kien, invested by Shinec, consulted by Kenlog B.V., which is under the stage of making Feasibility Study now.

The Centre will be the place for demonstration and commercializing products, services and organizing tours, events related to High-tech Horticulture of Holland in Hai Phong. After the site visit, the participants have given many valuable comments to the Projects.

On behalf of NVHBP, we would like to send the sincere thanks to Shinec for organizing the meeting and to partners, members for sharing precious times with us. This is a good chance for members to meet up, to know more about each other and to explore more business cooperation during the difficult period for the economy of the year 2020.

Wishing all the Members and Partners of NVHBP be healthy, be happy and lots of successes !


A colourful see of Lilies in Demo Greenhouse of Onings Holland

Currently, the Demo Greenhouse of Onings Holland is a colourful see of Lilies. This test greenhouse is used by Onings Holland to plant a test for each batch sold. Flowering stages, length, number of buds and total quality are closely monitored. Unfortunately, the Dutch Lily Days 2020 were cancelled due to Covid-19. That is why we take you on a virtual tour through the trial greenhouse.

Discover the world of innovative Dutch horticulture online

Discover the world of innovative Dutch horticulture in the Online HortiXperience of World Horti Center. The specialists of this knowledge and innovation center for international greenhouse horticulture talk you through all the themes of the greenhouse horticulture, show you the latest innovations and you will get a unique insight into the World Horti Center. Want to gain more knowledge of horticulture sector? Read the World Horti E-Book or go into depth during an online Q&A session with one of our HortiXperts. Please visit the website to start your discovery: https://www.worldhorticenter.nl/en/online-hortixperience

Inspiring NVHBP trip to Vietnam

The NVHBP team had a successfull and inspiring trip to Vietnam from 24 February to 28 February.

Fokke Kracht – Van der Valk Horti Systems and Pieter van Berchum – Gakon joined the trade mission  to Dalat organised by the Netherlands Embassy in Vietnam on Monday 24 February. The Lam Dong province is interesting for Dutch businesses due to its recent developments in high-tech agriculture and its higher-altitude location, it can provide high-class vegetable and flower production of sub-tropical origins.

Mr. Henk van Eijk, Ms. Mirjam Boekestijn – Kenlog and Ms. Mai Thi Hong – Thien Dieu Company had a very successfull kick-off meeting with Shinec and its stakeholders for the Feasibility Study project at Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park on Monday 24 February.

Tuesday 25 February and Wednesday 26 February was filled with meetings with potential new members of the platform as well as with existing members. VNUA hosted the meeting of the current members where they were updated about the activities and plans for 2020 as well as having a vibrant discussion between the members.

Besides, Gakon, Ridder Group, KP Holland, Pho Hien Machinery, Thien Dieu Company and NVHBP were present at the HortEx – the 3rd International Exhibition & Conference for Horticultural and Floricultural Production and Processing Technology in Vietnam – taking place from 26 February to 28 February. The platform was presented during the seminars at this exhibition and meetings with current members were hosted in our booth. Next to that, a seminar about the importance of quality when exporting was given by Ms. Mirjam Boekestijn of Kenlog – several topics such as post-harvest management, hygiene and quality management systems were highlighted in this presentation. As well Mr. Jan Hogewooning of Ridder Group had an interesting presentation about making step by step improvements in the greenhouse in order to increase productivity, quality and sustainability of the produce.


Rijk Zwaan new member of NVHBP

Thursday 27 February, Mr. Henk van Eijk and Mr. Jean-Marie Rozec sign the membership contract of the Netherlands Vietnam Horti Business Platform during the HortEx in Ho Chi Minh City.