The Netherlands Vietnam Horti Business Platform

The Netherlands Vietnam Horti Business Platform is a cooperative organisation of and for Dutch and Vietnamese companies, institutes and governmental organisations active in the horticultural sector. The platform is a unique bundling of forces covering knowledge, technologies and experience of the entire horticultural value chain in Vietnam and the Netherlands. Collaboration is key – the members work together in order to establish long-term working relationships through sharing expertise and resources to join the Vietnamese growth market and by promoting, sharing and commercialising Dutch horticulture technologies.


A platform where Dutch and Vietnamese companies and institutes active in the horticultural industry are working together in order to stimulate business in the field of horticulture between Vietnam and the Netherlands.


Bring the Vietnamese horticulture sector to the next level by establishing and applying efficient and effective Dutch methods and techniques throughout the entire supply chain of fresh cut flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit, resulting in high quality, sustainable, healthy and safe horticultural produce.


  • Create commercial benefits for our members
  • Develop and implement projects by and with our members
  • Produce safe and fresh produce by applying smart farming
  • Shorten the food supply chain and minimizing waste and losses
  • Increase the revenue and profit margins for growers

Why Join

By the Members, for the Members. Members have direct influence on the decision making and activities of the cooperative.
All members will in a democratic way benefit from the revenues of the realized projects and the capital of the cooperative.
Realizing joint implementation of projects resulting in customized high-quality solutions and time/cost savings.
We have a voluntary and open membership for all persons and companies prepared and able to contribute to our mission and vision statement and who are willing to accept the responsibilities of membership.
Giving the members easy access to knowledge, skills and experience of the entire horticultural supply chain (one-stop shopping, reduction of time/costs).
Working together on a supply chain and demand driven approach resulting in higher margins.


Our Members

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